Neo-Furrarian Imperium

"We are the legion."


Once a minor contender in galactic politics, the pre-Imperium government was violently overthrown by the militaristic, authoritarian Fengar Republic. Led by High Emperor Atreus Lupine, the republic won the hearts and minds of the majority of the populace by scapegoating the FLF and subsequently entering a costly and long conflict between them. Whilst the UTF and other factions see that the conflict may very well rip the two species into extinction, the economic prospect from the war is enormous and it is being exploited, unethically, to fill the pockets of some very well made individuals. This practice is not being overseen, and the war between the two will soon expand as alliances are formed and diplomacy pulls the other factions into the black hole that is war.

Lead by: High Emperor Atreus Lupine

Notable Leaders: